Egghead Films

The Filmmaker

Hello my name is Thom Jensen, I am a Writer, Director, Makeup Effects and Prop Artist.

I am passionate about storytelling and filmmaking.


On Going Production:

We are producing a Youtube webseries titled: Egghead FX. It is an instructional channel geared toward aspiring makeup effects artist. We have over 35 videos up and hope to eventually have over 70 videos in the next couple years. Our channel teaches indepth instruction on all aspects of makeup effects. Our goal is to explain in detail techniques for molding, casting and sculpting. ~ Please Subscribe.

In Production:

* I've submitted my web-series pilot to Disney: The Underdogs: Zombie Grilfriend S01-E01. Now posted on Youtube. If disney picks it up then we may have funding for the first season of this web-series. :)

* Finished up production on a short Sci-Fi / Horror film titled: Alien Driver. It has been submited to film festivals. So far accepted to World Horror Con Film Festival.

Thom Jensen